The Jugtown Cookbook


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Shop notes:

Oh my gosh, I love handwritten cookbook copy!  The Jugtown Cookbook occupies an interesting space in 1980s cookbooks - while there are many "classic" recipes from the 1980s canon, like Taco Salad (which is delicious to this day and if you haven't had it you are certainly missing out) but it's mostly an excellent, modern collection of recipes from the Central Piedmont region of North Carolina.  Persimmons abound in the baking and desserts section.

From the Publisher: 

These recipes in this cookbook are a collection of old and new favorites from this area. Most are easily made and enjoyed. The cookbook was made at Jugtown Pottery, which was established in 1921 and continues to make pottery for kitchen and cooking use.

Release Date: 1985

Condition: Fine/Like New