What We Do

Blackbird Cookbooks is an online, independent cookbook store based in Durham , North Carolina that offers vintage and out-of-print cookbooks for readers, cooks, and eaters.  We stock books that explore a wide breadth of cuisines and flavors, but we specialize in Southern and community/charitable cookbooks.

We believe that cookbooks offer a tangible exploration of our social, cultural, and culinary history and that it is best explored with an open mind, warm heart, and empty stomach.  We believe in hospitality and graciousness - and that everyone should have a space at the table.

Who We Are

Blackbird Cookbooks was started by Jenna D'Amore, a long time lover of cookbooks, regional cuisine, road trips, and deviled egg plates. She has over 15 years of experience in web technology, 10 years working professionally in the ecommerce space.  Prior to her career in technology, she was a professional baker, cooking class instructor, and restaurant server.  Her all-time favorite job was working the holiday season for a well-known, high-end kitchen store helping customers interpret and prepare cherished family recipes from old index cards.