The Claudia Sanders Dinner House of Shelbyville, Kentucky, Cookbook


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From the Publisher:

On the first of June, 1968, Claudia Sanders opened the Claudia Sanders Dinner House near Shelbyville, Kentucky. The restaurant is in the building originally used by her husband, Colonel Harland Sanders, as office and warehouse for his Kentucky Fried Chicken operation, and is located on the grounds of the Colonel's former home. After running the restaurant for five years, Claudia Sanders decided to franchise the operation and warded the first franchise to Tommy and Cherry Settle. Because of the excellent quality of its meals the restaurant has gained, not only a national, but an international reputation. It is in response to the many requests from customers that this book is offered and we hope that it may help bring into your kitchen the magic flavors associated with the Claudia Sanders Dinner House.

Release Date: 1979

Condition: Very Good, edge wear on front cover, book corners display some age wear.