The Brisket Chronicles


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Beef brisket is having a moment and I'm all for it.  I have even been known to fly down to Texas to drive around and consume as much smoked brisket as my body and waistline can handle.  If you, like me, have a particular fondness for this tricky piece of meat that includes, but isn't limited to, smoking it into a tender and unctuous little bit of heaven, then this book is definitely worth a little space in your cookbook library.  The recipes in this book cover the range from classic barbeque to Jewish deli favorites, then takes a left turn and investigates international flavors like the delightful Kung Pao Pastrami, Ropa Vieja, and Irish-spiced braised brisket.  There are also sections on method and equipment that are excellent - Steve Raichlen really does know his grills, smokers and other meat preparation devices, so there's a lot of solid knowledge at play in this book as well.

Heck, The Brisket Chronicle even transcends dinner with several (fine, I'll say it) questionable dessert preparations.  I mean, who pairs burnt ends with kettle corn or expects folks to make brisket chocolate chip cookies?  I dubious, but I'd be the first in line to try it and I'll never fault a person for being creative in the salty/sweet/umami world.  If that type of creativity is your thing, then now you know what book to buy.

From the Publisher:

Grill master Steven Raichlen shares more than 60 foolproof, mouthwatering recipes for preparing the tastiest, most versatile, and most beloved cut of meat in the worldoutside on the grill, as well as in the kitchen.

Take brisket to the next level: 'Cue it, grill it, smoke it, braise it, cure it, boil iteven bake it into chocolate chip cookies. Texas barbecued brisket is just the beginning: There's also Jamaican Jerk Brisket and Korean Grilled Brisket to savor. Old School Pastrami and Kung Pao Pastrami, a perfect Passover Brisket with Dried Fruits and Sweet Wine, even ground brisketJakes Double Brisket Cheeseburgers.

In dozens of unbeatable tips, Raichlen shows you just how to handle, prep, and store your meat for maximum tenderness and flavor. Plus plenty more recipes that are pure comfort food, perfect for using up leftovers: Brisket Hash, Brisket Baked Beans, Bacon-Grilled Brisket Bitesor for real mind-blowing pleasure, Kettle Corn with Burnt Ends. And side dishes that are the perfect brisket accents, including slaws, salads, and sauces.

"Raichlen shows why he's rightfully earned a reputation as one of the country's foremost authorities on beef in this lovingly crafted and comprehensive guide." Publishers Weekly, starred review

"Raichlen's thorough research and generous sharing of information is so infectious that demand for brisket may soon overtake even prime rib." Booklist, starred review 

"[An] excellent guide that is sure to please brisket aficionados" – Library Journal, starred review

"Steven Raichlen has been traveling the world for decades, collecting knowledge and a massive bag of tricks. The Brisket Chronicles combines his experiences and focuses on just one cut of beef. It will surely spark new enthusiasm in even the most seasoned brisket fan." Aaron Franklin, James Beard Award-winning chef and author of the New York Times bestseller Franklin Barbecue

"An authoritative book… the recipes will make even a die-hard brisket fan feel as if she has rediscovered the delicious possibilities of what Raichlen calls ‘among the world's most revered meats.'" – The Houston Chronicle

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