Moonshine: Recipes, Tall Tales, Drinking Songs, Historical Stuff, Knee-Slappers, How to Make It, How to Drink It


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Fun internet fact:  My first internet search was for a tutorial on how to build a home moonshine still without the cops catching on.  I was in college and those were the days, weren't they?  Did I just age myself?  Did I just hear my hip crack?


This is a fun book for anyone who enjoys moonshine, but it also contains some of most well-written instructions on how to get your own distillation set-up running.  I should know. 

From the Publisher:
Now here's a volume you can really drink to!  Something's brewing in these pages, and it's moonshinea word that evokes fascination, curiosity, and a warm sense of nostalgia. Never before has there been such a richly illustrated, thorough, and entertaining celebration of the history of making fine distilled spirits. Take a trip through moonshining's past: travel from its beginnings as a pioneer staple to the dark days of prohibition, from quickly produced urban rotgut to today's carefully handcrafted artisanal libations.

Get in on the fun with how-to instructions that take into account all legal regulations and requirements before covering ingredients, building a still, basic distilling techniques, and dozens of recipes, all adapted for the beginner. Whiskies, brandies, grappa, schnapps: they're all here, along with dozens of page-turning quotes, song lyrics, and vintage photographs and illustrations.

"Making whisky or brandy is not the least bit difficult. Making something you'd want to drink…well, that may take some practice." Matthew B. Rowley

Release Date: May 2007

Condition: New