Good Old Grits Cookbook

Shop Notes:
When I moved to the South, a week after graduating college, I was hell bent on not liking grits.  Now more than 20 years later, I've been converted at least a hundred times over.   And I have Bill Neal's Shrimp and Grits recipe to thank for that (thank you, Bill). 
This cookbook not only contains the Crook's Corner recipe, but he and David Perry attempt to demystify the food that's fed a region since the Indians offered John Smith and his Virginia colony steaming bowls of "ustatahamen."
From the Publisher:
Beginning with Basic Boiled Grits, here are 60 delicious, easy-to-prepare recipes starring the Southern specialty available in supermarkets nationwide. Grits for breakfast: Cheese Grits and Fried Grits and of course Red-Eye Gravy. Grits on the side: Corn-Grits Fritters and Jalapeno Grits Casserole. Grits in the main: Louisiana Meatballs and Grits, Eggplant Creole, and Grits, Shrimp, and Artichoke Casserole. Grits breads: Green Corn Spoonbread and Blueberry Grits Coffee Cake.

With grits sources, the history of grits, and a nutritional profile, Good Old Grits will enlighten any needs-to-be-convinced Northerner, and have us all agree with Roy Blount Jr.: "Life is good where grits are swallered." 

Condition: Very Good, some age wear on inside cover.  If multiple copies are in inventory, customers will receive best quality copy in priority of order received.