Black perigord truffle slices sitting on a dark wooden cutting board beside a chef's knife

November Links We're Loving - Truffle Edition

This month's "Links We're Loving" is centered on something that I've been following for a while now with hopeful interest.  As farmers are slowly transitioning from tobacco crops, there is a quietly growing, new agricultural industry in North Carolina centered on one of the world's most prized gourmet treats, the truffle.  Not to be outpaced by science, foragers are also finding wild truffles in the Blue Ridge Mountains. 

So, grab your butter and your pasta and let's dive in!

  • Interested in growing your own truffles?  Consider taking a class from Garland Truffles in Hillsborough, NC.
    • No space for an orchard, but you still want to forage for yourself?  Try No Taste Like Home on your next Asheville vacation.

    Do you need some inspiration after all this truffle-y goodness?  These cookbooks offer crowd-pleasing recipes for the truffle cook in all of us.

    Mastering the Art of French Cooking by Julia Child

    The grand dame of bringing French food to the American mass market serves up numerous truffle-laden recipes in her classic tome on French cuisine.  

    Mastering the Art of French Cooking Cover

    Barefoot Contessa Back to Basics by Ina Garten

    It's been YEARS and some guests from a previous dinner party are still talking about her Tagliarelle and Truffle Butter recipe.

    Ina Garten placing apple slices on a piece of puff pastry while looking at the camera

    Tortellini at Midnight by Emiko Davies

    A lovely cookbook featuring numerous recipes that would incorporate truffles very well, but my favorite recipe is her truffle-infused pasta, Tajarin al Tartufo.

    Author Emiko Davies pulling pasta through a mechanical roller, black background, and navy book board.  It's a beautiful book.

    Vegetable Harvest by Patricia Wells

    Numerous recipes for how to incorporate truffles into dishes, sauces, and baked dishes.  Rather than focusing on specific recipes, this cookbook teaches the reader how to best capture the flavor in a wider variety of applications.

    Patricia Wells crossing her arms and smiling.  She is wearing a white shirt.  The cover has a big red bar on the left for the title of the cookbook.