Pit Stop in a Southern Kitchen



Shop Notes:

This book is a fun read - I love the childhood stories and historical photographs from NASCAR's legendary Gordon and Earnhardt families. The recipes are what I call classic family fare - what you cook when you have a lot of active kids and a busy lifestyle. Delicious, reliable, simple, quick, full of love, and easily doubled or tripled. The chapter on tailgating is a winner.

From the Publisher:

Carol Gordon Bickford and Martha Earnhardt know all too well the demands that busy lifestyles can have on families. But they agree--making the choice to slow down and connect with family and friends is important. And there's no better way to bring people together than with the promise of home-cooked food. Known as Mom and Mamaw to two of today's most recognized drivers, these gracious women invite you to take a pit stop from the race of life and fuel up on a heaping plate of love, family, and great cooking. They welcome you into their kitchens for a timeless variety of mouth-watering dishes, along with family stories and nuggets of wisdom. You'll also enjoy eight color pages of personal photos and the inside scoop on the recipes that have brought their family and friends together. For generations, these treasured recipes and stories have been kept under wraps. Now Carol and Martha pry open their overstuffed recipe boxes to share those tried-and-true favorites that are sure to get you headed straight to the kitchen.