Gone with the Wind


Shop Notes:

In 1991, the publishing world caused a bit of a worldwide stir when they announced that Margaret Mitchell's "Gone with the Wind" would soon have a sequel. This caused an out-of-cycle nostalgia loop for all things Scarlett O'Hara and Rhett Butler. For a brief few years, you could follow one of our favorite troubled heroines around the world and also right back to where she began - at her childhood home, Tara. As part of the GWTW fervor, Turner Broadcasting Network released this little cookbook and folks suddenly knew how to throw a party in the style of the "Old South."

Everything about this cookbook is a throwback - including the typeface, writing, and references to the "Southland." Speaking from today's sensibilities, the tone of the book is very close to much earlier Southern cookbooks that were really part and parcel of the Lost Cause Narrative (certainly, "Gone with the Wind" as a film is arguably part of that narrative as well). Others can interpret this cookbook as simple merchandising for a film that has been incredibly popular since the moment it was released and is therefore nothing more than a fun, retro walk through film history.

Release Date: 1991

Condition: Like New