Savor the Moment: Entertaining without Reservations


Shop Notes:

This cookbook puts a bit more emphasis on party planning, but what is striking about this cookbook is that the recipes themselves would still feel comfortable on the modern table.  Most dishes have an interesting mix of savory umami, fruit, and other interesting flavors, yet still reflect the simple preparation steps that are so (thankfully) common in the Junior League cookbooks. 

Also, this copy was racing into the future as one of the first books to also be offered in digital format (CD-ROM, which is a CD one would put into a computer for those who are old enough to forget and/or those who are too young to remember...of which I am neither).

From the Publisher:

Winner of the 2001 James Beard Foundation/KitchenAid Book Awards, National First Place in Entertaining and Special Occasions Category. Features triple-tested recipes from great cooks, chefs, and caterers perfect for everyday family meals in addition to special occasions.

Other awards include 2001 Foreword Magazine Book of the Year, Second Place; 2001 PMA Finalist Benjamin Franklin Award, Finalist; 2001 Writer's Digest Magazine Award; Cookbook Honorable Mention Award; 2001 Independent Publisher Book Award, Finalist.

Release Date: 2000

Condition: Very good, some light wear on board corners, otherwise like new.