Texas Sampler


From the Publisher:

Texas Sampler's purpose is twofold. First, to offer moutherwatering family favorites with delicious surprises - all culinary sensations! Second, to reflect back to a time when mothers and grandmothers filled the home with those good old' home cooked smells. When they wrapped us in sights, sounds, smells and handmade quilts which offered us warmth, security and comforts which ultimately last a lifetime!

Use the Texas Sampler "Handmade-Homemade Recipes You're Bound to Love", the create a special sense of heritage and easy going hospitality for your family, friends, and future generations.

Release Date: 1995

Condition: Good, some light moisture stains on front boards, light notations by the previous owner on front page and on content pages that does not impact the content or readability of the cookbook.  This would be a great copy to cook from!