The Essential Vegetarian Cookbook


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I was a vegetarian for about 5 years in and out of college and this book is how I learned how to be one and still keep my meals nutritionally sound.  I still have my dog-eared and well-worn copy - the recipes are still incredibly popular at potlucks and parties!  

Also, as a note for folks who are looking for great cookbooks to learn and teach vegetarian cooking and ingredient basics, you could not go wrong with The Essential Vegetarian Cookbook.  It features well-written step-by-step instructions and even has entire appendices covering a wide range of fruits, vegetables, legumes, and whole grains that clearly and concisely describe the flavor, buying, and keeping of whole ingredients used in vegetarian cuisine.

From the Publisher:

Filled with irresistible recipes and useful, accessible information, The Essential Vegetarian Cookbook will be the authoritative guide for everyone who wants to eat vegetarian and needs to know how. Comprehensive, witty, and instructive, the book offers more than 600 dishes and features mini-cooking lessons called "Make It Your Own, " which teach cooks how to adapt recipes to their own tastes.

And the recipes themselves will satisfy all appetites in all kinds of ways, from luscious muffins to creamy calzones to savory stews to spicy curries to a devilishly tempting chocolate souffle cake.

The spirited, substantial introduction covers the basics of vegetarian meal planning and includes everyday and festive menus as well as menus for those with dietary concerns. An extensive appendix offers information about vegetarian cooking, such as: guides to beans, vegetables, fruits, herbs, spices, flours,

Release Date: 1997

Condition: Like New