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For those home-churned ice cream enthusiasts out there, this is a goodie!  A thoughtful and thorough book on modern ice cream flavors, both traditional and modern.  If you've followed the ice cream scene in NYC lately, you'll know that Van Leeuwen is leading the charge on vegan ice creams and funky flavors, but still keeping things made with whole ingredients.

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A collection of delicious and flavorful dairy and vegan ice creams made from simple, natural ingredients easily found in most pantries from Brooklyn's beloved and wildly popular ice cream emporium.

"The flavors created by Van Leeuwen are what you'd expect from a Willy Wonka ice cream factory--if it were in Brooklyn." -- Marie Claire

The Van Leeuwen Artisan Ice Cream Book includes ice cream recipes for every palate and season, from beloved favorites like Vanilla to adventurous treats inspired by a host of international culinary influences, such as Masala Chai with Black Peppercorns and Apple Crumble with Calvados and Creme Fraîche. Each recipefrom the classic to the unexpected, from the simple to the advancedfeatures intense natural flavors, low sugar, and the best ingredients available. They also highlight vegan and non-dairy ice cream techniques.

Determined to revive traditional ice cream making using only whole ingredients sourced from the finest small producers, Ben, Pete, and Laura opened their ice cream business in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, with little more than a pair of buttercup yellow trucks. In less than a decade, they've become a nationally recognized name while remaining steadfast to their commitment of bringing ice cream back to the basics: creating rich flavors using real ingredients.

Richly illustrated, told in a whimsical style, and filled with invaluable, easy-to-follow techniques and tips for making old-fashioned ice cream at home, The Van Leeuwen Artisan Ice Cream Book includes captivating storiesand an explanation of the basic science behind these delicious creations. Enjoy these irresistible artisanal delights anytimeThe Van Leeuwen Ice Cream Book shows you how.

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