The New James Beard


From the Publisher:
Written when nouvelle cuisine was in full swing, The New James Beard reflected its time as well as Beard's doctor's orders. Beard used more herbs, and a lighter hand with butter. "The new me had to write a new book," he explained in the introduction. The volume, which contained some 1,000 recipes, was tinted with freer attitudes, lighter ingredients, and flavors from the Orient and South America. The New James Beard sold more than 100,000 copies. It was, according to its own jacket cover, Beard's "crowning work... reflecting his many years of cooking, of experimenting, of widening his repertoire and refining old traditions." James Villas described the book as "a revised but sensible approach to food that was by no means a diet cookbook, but one that was to take both the public and the food community by storm."

Release Date: 1981 (First Edition)

Condition: Very good, dust jacket has slight age wear and two small tears on top edge. Light moisture spotting on bottom edge, text is otherwise clean and ink is bright. Binding is tight.