The Shaker Cookbook: Not By Bread Alone


To the Shakers, preparing food was ever a joyous task. Making dumplings or baking a pie was done with all the zest for living that they put into building a new meeting house.

Shaker cookery has been famous since the early Federal Period, when the "kitchen sisters," who dedicated their hands to work and their hearts to God, devised the essential American way of feeding the families of their large communities. The Shakers were the first to can food commercially in America because the reputation of those unmatchable ingredients and recipes was nationwide.

This volume gathers the time-tested Shaker recipes for Beverages, Breads, Cakes and Cookies, Corn Dishes, Desserts, Egg Dishes, Fish, Herbs, Meats, Meatless Dishes, Pies and Pastries, Pickles and Relishes, Preserves, Salads, Soup, Sweetmeats, Vegetables, and Special Diet for Aged. Just as important, The Shaker Cook Book provides the heart-warming "old-fashioned" ideas about food which made their communal kitchens known throughout the land.

Release Date: 1953 (First Edition)

Condition: Very good, dust jacket is worn. Text is unmared, free of staining, ink is bright. Some pages have slight age discoloration.