The Gasparilla Cookbook


Shop Notes:
What I love about The Gasparilla Cookbook is that it's so representational of the region in which it was written. The diversity of its population and immigrant and migration patterns mean that Tampa sits at the literal and spiritual crossroads of so many great cuisines: Old Florida seafood, Southern comfort dishes, Cuban, Texan, Mexican, South American, Cajun, Greek, and Spanish. And the recipes are formulated for modern kitchens. This is one of those cookbooks that you could explore for a while and not get tired or bored.

From the Publisher:
Originally published in 1961, this timeless cookbook has become a regional classic with its melding of Spanish, Italian, Greek, Cuban, and Southern influences. The Gasparilla Cookbook includes recipes from the Junior League of Tampa such as Maple Syrup Muffins, Florida Lobster Salad, Scalloped Cheese Tomatoes, Spanish Beef Andalucia, English Toffee Icebox Pudding, and Mango Chutney. Featured in multiple magazines, the book has sold more than 200,000 copies and is a Winner of the Southern Living Hall

Release Date: 1961 (1984 Printing)

Condition: Very good, age wear on dust jacket that is appropriate for its age. Some moisture spotting on edges from storage. Pages are clean and ink is bright.