The Chinese Banquet Cookbook


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An important book on Chinese banquets, with over 100 recipes. Lo was born in Shun Tak, a district of Guangdong, China. At the age of five, she began to cook which was encouraged by her parents, particularly her mother who believed that "children should know how to do everything", and a father who had traveled widely and was familiar with foreign cuisines. Early influences also included her grandmother who instilled in her the techniques and culture of cooking while she was still a child.

From the Publisher:
"It has long been my opinion that Eileen Yin-Fei Lo is one of the most inspired of Chinese cookbook authors. Her recipes are of uncommon quality, comprehensive, and easy to follow. If you wish to give a Chinese banquet with taste and style, this is one of the finest source books obtainable." Craig Claiborne

Release Date: 1985

Condition: Good, dust cover has significant moisture damage, pages are stained and marked from use. Marking does not impact text, which is bright and ink is clear. This is a great cookbook to cook from.