Tía Victoria's Spanish Kitchen


A book with a reputation, a leading best-seller in Spain. It is a book of authentic Spanish home cooking, with a traditional flavour which the translator has in every way maintained, though all ingredients are, of course, available here and it has been thoroughly adapted for British requirements. There are dishes for every meal, and comprehensive sections ranging from hors d'oeuvres to delicious sweets and cakes, jams, fruits in syrup and ice creams. All the best-known specialties are included, like the famous cold soup Gazpacho, Spanish omelettes or Tortillas, Spanish Rice, Paella Valenciana and other paellas, shellfish dishes and many regional specialties; and there are also literally dozens of new ideas both for exciting, unfamiliar flavours and ingredients, and creative blending of everyday foods. Notes on wines, and an historical and descriptive introduction, a glossary of terms and full index complete a cook book essential for all lovers of subtle, imaginative food.

Release Date: 1963 (First Edition)

Condition: Very good, dust jacket is clipped with some light age discoloration at edges. Small marks on book edge.