Practical Cooking and Dinner Giving


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A treatise containing practical instructions in cooking; in the combination and serving of dishes; and in the fashionable modes of entertaining at breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Practical Cooking and Dinner giving outlines recipes and instructions for elegant entertaining within budget for rapidly expanding middle class in the post-Civil War era. Ms. Henderson was a author, real estate developer, and social activist from Seneca Falls, NY.

During her life, she supported women's suffrage, temperance, and vegetarianism. After the death of her husband, she had his entire wine collection emptied into the street. Illus. with wood engravings, black and red cloth binding.

Release Date: 1876 (1893 Printing)

Condition:Very good - owner's recipe notes on inside cover and end papers. Inscribed by previous owners, including "Comtesse de Rougemont." Papers and binding are solid. Text is clear and unmarked.