Leon Happy Curries


Shop Notes:

I first saw this book in Librarie Gourmande in Paris and was so blown away by the approachable nature of the recipes and their similarity to the excellent global curries my husband and I have always enjoyed in London that I knew I had to come home and stock this in my shop. If you are a curry fan like I am, you know that there are variations of curry all over the world and this book makes quick work on educating the reader the various styles, keeping readers' food explorations on the healthy side, and providing a springboard for more intensive dives into new flavors and authors. While this book is a bit hard to find on the primary market these days, we'll keep copies in stock as often as we can.

From the Publisher:

LEON, the home of naturally fast food, have turned their hand to creating a collection of curries - more than 100 new recipes inspired by dishes from Sri Lanka, India, Thailand and Burma, as well as Kenya, Somalia and the Caribbean. Find fiery, speedy, warming or creamy curries, plus everything you might want on the side, from fluffy flatbreads and perfect rice to crunchy relishes, garlicky greens and tangy pickles. If you want fast fixes with easy wins from a supermarket, or something more fancy for when you have a little more time, you will find them all here.

Includes Sri Lankan jackfruit and vegetable curry, Kashmiri lamb rogan josh, Skinny salmon and coconut curry and Katsu chicken curry as well as tasty side dishes and tips for speedy curries and ingredient swaps.

Release Date: 2019

Condition:Very good - some wear on cover board corners, but otherwise like new.