Lickety-Split Recipes: A Taste of Tampa


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This delightful and rare Junior League cookbook is evidence of a big shift in American gender roles in the 1970s and 1980s, a time when more and more women were pursuing careers outside of the home. It was also a time when women were told they could "have it all" in popular media. This includes a promise for recipes that take less than 100 minutes to prepare and an ease of preparation that would allow the men in their lives to take their proud stance at the stove in sacrifice to the family meal. ...which, these days feels luxurious because who has an hour and a half to prepare food on a Wednesday night after work and soccer practice? The recipes are a pragmatic mixture - heavy on casseroles; soups; and salads. But there are also suprises featuring Florida produce, seafood, and other delightful creations for the more sophisticated palate.

I'm also including a excerpt from the introduction that is rare for a Junior League cookbook. "I think you will find, when you take it to the stove, that is has an easy authority. It is friendly. It understands the pace of life today, with overlapping roles. It is shaped, sympathetically, by the feeling that what we have gained as a culture in appreciation of good food, we have list in the time we have available for the kitchen. More of us both sexes work. More of us both sexes cook. With less experience to apply. And less time for mistakes. This little book undestands all that because it was compiled, tested, corrected, organized, pasted up, proofread and edited by the working members of The Junior League of Tampa, married and unmarried women who spend long days as attorneys, bankers, office managers, teachers, travel agents, and more. This did everything but the actual printing."

Release Date: 1978 (Printed 1987)

Condition: Very good - some cover wear on front and back. Text is clean.