Popular Greek recipes


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A first edition, 3rd printing of a classic church cookbook from the Greek Ladies Philoptochos Society of Charleston, SC. Contributed recipes are mainly traditional Greek dishes passed down through generations of Greek immigrant families in the United States. The recipes in this book are a lovely mix of familiar dishes and not-so-familiar.

As the oldest Greek cookbook continually in print in the US, Popular Greek Recipes has been inducted into the prestigious Walter S. McIlhenny Hall of Fame. This award is given to recognize books published for fund raising purposes by non-profit organizations and considered classic in their field. It honors the committed volunteers who use it to benefit charitable endeavors. Only books that have sold more than 100,000 copies are eligible. The national recognition is one of the annual Tabasco Community Cookbook Awards. According to McIlhenny, "The true meaning of community is defined within each of the unique cookbooks." We are humble and deeply grateful for this award.

Release Date: 1957 (1959 Printing)

Condition:Very good - front and back covers have some moisture marking, but otherwise book is like new. Excellent condition for its age!