The Plantation Cookbook


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From the Publisher:

The Plantation Cookbook published by The Junior League of New Orleans in 1972 is one of the classic Junior League cookbooks.  The Plantation Cookbook is more than just a cookbook, as the first half of the book is dedicated to the history of New Orleans and houses of significant importance in the city.  The Plantation Cookbook also describes the plantations and architecture of South Louisiana before diving into Louisiana Cookery. 

"The plantations of Louisiana and her cuisine featured together in one book.  Twenty-nine line drawing evoke some of Louisiana's most beautiful and romantic plantations.  Each with a historical profile and directions for visitors.  Over three-hundred recipes selected for all parts of the state and adapted for use in kitchens everywhere.  The result is an unparalleled collection of Louisiana's famous foods in a book designed to stimulate the eye as well as the culinary imagination."


Release Date: Jan 1972

Condition: Good, Dust jacket has signifiant age wear, but is still intact. Book edge has minor edge wear. Pages are clean and content has no marking. If multiple copies are in inventory, customers will receive best quality copy in priority of order received.