The Justin Wilson Gourmet and Gourmand Cookbook


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My favorite thing about Justin Wilson is that he knew the different between the definitions of 'gourmet' and 'gourmand.'

The recipes are just as delightful as ever and Justin Wilson is a treasure.  You'll be entertained and learn a lot about the Cajun cuisine.

From the Publisher:

Justin Wilson, the world's foremost Cajun humorist and an acclaimed Cajun cook, symbolizes the unique Cajun culture of South Louisiana. His bayouland humor fascinates audiences throughout America, and his syndicated television cooking shows bring to countless thousands the secrets of the spicy, savory cooking for which Cajun Country is famous.

In this cookbook, Justin shares with readers across the land a wide range of recipes that will stimulate even the most jaded palate and stir the most lethargic taste buds to life-- "I garontee!"

Embellishing this volume is a liberal sprinkling of Justin Wilson's distinctive humor and fifty color photographs featuring Justin displaying his skills in the kitchen, with his friends, and involved in many activities that characterize the earthy Cajun joie de vivre that follows Justin everywhere.

Here, too, is Justin's never-miss recipe for stirring up a roux that has delighted dinner guests for more than fifty years. Special chapters on cooking in a bag and using a water-smoker cooker are also included, with step-by-step directions to ensure results that will please just about anyone.

Recipes range from Cajunized Mexican Corn Bread, to Turnip Casserole with Shrimp, to Venison Etouffee, to a variety of jambalayas, to an exotic Alligator Sauce Piquant. If that is not enough to whet one's appetite, there are also Catfish with Corn Bread Stuffing, Crawfish Chili, Rabbit and Turnip Etouffee, Leftover Pasta and Eggs, and Quail in Peach Brandy Sauce.

This Justin Wilson cookbook is truly a gourmet/gourmand delight: appetizers, sal-ads, breads, gumbos, casseroles, game, meat, seafood, and fowl are featured.

 About the Author:

Justin Wilson, who radiated charm, warmth, and the earthy joie de vivre of storied Cajun country, was the host of a syndicated TV cooking show, the world's leading Cajun humorist, and a gourmet chef great in his own right. Always dapper in suspenders and a bow tie, he starred in three acclaimed cooking series that aired on more than 300 PBS stations nationwide. The Cajun comedian produced 27 comedy albums that charmed audiences and, at one point, even outsold Elvis Presley.

Wilson passed away on September 6, 2001, but his spirit lives on through the recipes he shared and the programs he made during his lifetime.

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