The Justin Wilson #2 Cookbook: Cookin' Cajun


Shop Notes:

This cookbook is a throwback to a different time and place, both in recipes and in voice. I have fond memories of watching Justin Wilson's cooking show on PBS when I was a child and can still easily appreciate his tongue-in-cheek humor.  To me, he was like that ornery grand-uncle that we all wished we had.  Someone heavy on humor and wit - and willing to share the stories and tremendous bounty of living in an often strange and deliciously fun place. 

Game hunters and those interested in some serious learning about real Cajun cuisine could do far worse in their cooking repetoire.  There is a surprisingly delicious-sounding "Squirrel Stew" that features the Cajun trinity (onion, bell pepper, and celery), sauterne wine, and bitters.  But there are also recipes for roux, gumbos, seafood, etouffe, and far more.  The narrative speaks of a man who loved his culture and community.  Just a great read.

From the Publisher:

Justin Wilson, who radiates to audiences across the national the humor, charm, and earthy joie de vivre of Louisiana's storied Cajun country, has assembled in this volume another treasury of authentic Cajun recipes.

For those who want to know that secrets of cooking Cajun or for those who simply find dishes that pamper the taste buds with irresistible, Justin's Cookin' Cajun fills the bill with pleasure to spare.

Release Date: Jul 2000

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