The Food of Oaxaca


Shop Notes:

I recently had the privilege of exploring the food of the Yucatan peninsula through its farmers' market and spending a day cooking with a multi-generational Mayan family at their home.  It was a crash course in new ingredients, new textures, and new cooking practices. I left the experience thinking that I needed to dedicate more of my travel time exploring these fresh and vibrant flavors and enjoying my time with the wonderful folks in Mexico.  Thus, a new focus on our online inventory.  I'm so excited.  

The Food of Oaxaxa, while focused a region southwest of the Yucatan, feels similar to that sunny, breezy day spent in the farmers' markets and kitchens.  The prose feels fresh, yet comforting and satisfying and I feel somehow improved for having read it.  The recipes softly explain the role of ingredients and recipes in the Oaxacan culture, as one would a conversation between friends.  Some recipes are simple and satisfying, some are more complex and celebrational.  

From the Publisher:

A groundbreaking cookbook celebrating the distinctive cuisine and culture of Oaxaca, from one of Mexico's most revered chefs. With a foreword by Enrique Olvera.

In The Food of Oaxaca, acclaimed chef Alejandro Ruiz shares the cuisine of Mexico's culinary capital through fifty recipes both traditional and original. Divided into three parts, the book covers the classic dishes of the region, the cuisine of the coast, and the food Ruiz serves today at his beloved restaurant, Casa Oaxaca. Here are recipes for making your own tortillas, and for preparing tamales, salsas, and moles, as well as Ruiz's own creations, such as Duck Tacos with Coloradito; Shrimp, Nopal, Fava Bean, and Pea Soup; and Oaxacan Chocolate Mousse. Also included are thoughtful essays on dishes, ingredients, kitchen tools, and traditions; recommendations on where to eat; and a comprehensive glossary to help fully immerse readers in the food of Oaxaca, making this an indispensable volume for home cooks and travelers alike.

About the Author:

Alejandro Ruiz is the chef and owner of the Casa Oaxaca restaurants (El Restaurante, Cafe ; Restaurante, and the Casa Oaxaca hotel) and Oaxacalifornia, in Oaxaca, Mexico, as well as of Guzina Oaxaca in Mexico City.

He is widely known as an ambassador for Oaxacan gastronomy and has represented this celebrated cuisine around the world. He lives in Oaxaca.