The Duke's Mayonnaise Cookbook


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Suffice to say I've tried 97% of the mayo out on the market today (it's really 100% but I'm leaving a little room for a brand I maybe haven't heard of yet).  Duke's is the best.  Hands down.  End of discussion.

Now, to the cookbook.   It's a tribute to the South's favorite mayo.  It leaves out tomato sandwiches because everyone should already know how to make those (if you don't, please google Vivian Howard's).  What is does include is a whole host of recipes from the good standard dressings and flavored dipping sauces, but also revives the lost art of baking with mayo.  It sounds weird because it is.  But it also works incredibly well at churning out moist cakes and cookies.  No really, try it. 

From the Publisher:

Celebrate the South's favorite mayonnaise and learn how to cook with it in new delicious ways with this cookbook from food writer and Duke's lover Ashley Freeman.

Mayonnaise is one of those polarizing culinary debates akin to putting pineapple on pizza. Those who do love mayonnaise know that no mayonnaise is more beloved than Duke's, a Southern staple with a cult following that is expanding its reach north.

The Duke's Mayonnaise Cookbook will show you how to make the most delicious chicken salad or deviled eggs -- and introduce new approaches to everyday recipes. Think of what mayonnaise actually is: a beautiful emulsification of eggs, oil, and a touch of lemon for acidity, which are all elements vital to cooking and baking. Adding mayonnaise can help you make the flakiest pie crust, the fluffiest scrambled eggs, and the most delicious chocolate cake.

The Duke's Mayonnaise Cookbook is a compilation of recipes inspired by author Ashley Freeman's travels across the country. From classic favorites like Tomato Pie to unexpected dishes like Miso-Glazed Salmon or Sticky Toffee Puddings, you'll discover how versatile the South's favorite mayonnaise really is. And with stories and testimonials from beloved well-known chefs and food writers, The Duke's Mayonnaise Cookbook is a must-have book for loyal fans and newcomers alike.

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Release Date:  June 2020

Condition: New