The Cooking Book


From the Publisher:

The Cooking Book was the Junior League of Louisville's first cookbook. It was very successful and was reprinted several times to help fund the League's mission through the 80′s. Since then the Junior League of Louisville has published two more cookbooks, Cordon Bluegrass (1988 ) and Splendor in the Bluegrass (2000) which are still available today.

About the Authors:

Above all else, the goal of the Junior League of Louisville is to promote and perpetuate social change in Louisville, Kentucky and the surrounding communities that will benefit most from it. By empowering women and providing valuable leadership training, they aim to give local women the tools to get involved, put their talents to work, and positively impact the communities in and around Louisville.

Release Date: 1978

Condition: Good, book is in excellent condition with all pages and binding is tight.  Sides and some pages display some light staining/marks from use, but the text is still very clean.