The Churchmouse Cookbook


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Shop Notes:

This is a well-written, thorough Southern church cookbook with some real personality.  The recipes are what I call "core Southern cookbook canon" and each chapter begins with a new drawing of a church mouse with a cute little poem.  These are the types of church cookbooks that are just a joy to read.

The VIP section is a bit of a throwback to times when women's groups wrote off to local and national celebrities and political figures to make those books more interesting.  The VIP collection here is a bit across the board, featuring NC notables such as former NC Governor Jim Hunt, William Friday (UNC), Jessie Helms (Senator, no comment), Mickie Krzyzewski (wife of Duke's Coach K) and past presidents such as Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan, and George Bush senior.  Celebrities such as Carol Burnett, Pat Boone, and Andrew Wyeth.

Publisher Notes:

A collection of time-honored Southern recipes, plus a special VIP section with contributions from celebrities and dignitaries.

Release Date: 1985

Condition: Very good - light age wear, front page is inscribed by owner.