Talk About Good Cookbook


From the Publisher:

This cookbook takes you on a journey throuh south Louisiana's traditions, cultural heritage and the culinary artisries of Cajun food. It is in it's 23rd printng with over 70,000 copies sold. Winner of McIlhenny Hall of Fame Award.

About the Author:

Since 1957, Junior League of Lafayette has continued the vision of Mary Harriman, founder of Association of Junior Leagues International, Inc., through its ongoing efforts to affect positive change in the community of Lafayette. Over these 60 years, Junior League of Lafayette has provided trained volunteers for community service in areas of local need including child health/development, education, health/well-being, social services, substance abuse prevention, teens/juvenile justice, voluntarism and the arts. Through the tireless fundraising efforts of our members and the tremendous community support over the years, Junior League of Lafayette has raised over $8.7 million to fund and support our Mission.

Whether through the hands-on work of volunteers, or by funding League-sponsored community projects, or by making direct grants to nonprofit organizations whose interests and priorities are consistent with our Mission statement, the rich history and tradition of service of Junior League of Lafayette continues to grow.

Release Date: 1969 (1984, Revised)

Condition: Very good, light wear on front/back jacket and tabs from use, but otherwise book is extremely clean with no marks or other marginalia.