Sunny Side Up: Shining Example of Food and Wine From Fort Lauderdale


Shop Notes:

I used to live in Orlando and there used to be a saying that "You have to go north to go South" which essentially meant that South Florida was full of a bunch of Yankees and so if you wanted to see Southern really need to head up towards Tallahasse.

But, if Florida cookbooks were used in that evaluation...I think you'll see South  Floridians as a delightfully complex and gourmet bunch who really know their way around fresh flavors, both North and South.  This particular cookbook will provide you with a wealth of recipes from throwback corned beef appetizers to fresh recipes for grilled fish that I've not seen outside of Key West.  There's a little bit for everyone (and every style of party) and isn't that beautiful?

From the Publisher:

Fort Lauderdale is one of the most naturally beautiful tropical paradises in the world - the famed "Venice of America."  Each day is an experience of colorful lifestyle, replete with gracious casual homes, yacht-dotted waterways, dazzling weather, splendid beachscapes, and manicured gardens - all the perfect setting for creative hostesses to entertain with inspiration and charm.

We proudly bring you a superlative recipe collection and wine guide from the resort and yachting capital of the world.  We haunted the poolside parties and palatial formal dinners, searched the yacht galleys and waterways, and rambled from citrus groves to the kitchens of cafe society to bring you the best in eating and drinking in this glamorous sunspot...

Condition: Very Good - Some wear on front cover from age.  No marks, very very clean.