Start Your Ovens: Cooking the Way It Ought'a Be


Shop Notes:

The Junior League of Bristol is very clear about their pride in the Bristol Motor Speedway's legacy in NASCAR in this fun (almost tongue-in-cheek) cookbook.  What I do read in this particular JL cookbook is a strong love of home and place - and the recipes  reflect that love of family and casual gatherings with a lot of quick and straightforward recipes that are also satisfying and delicious.  There are some fancy recipes as well, but it's the casual recipes that are really the winners in this book (Chocolate Pound Cake with Peanut Butter Frosting?  Yes, please!) 

For NASCAR fans out there, this cookbook also has plenty of recipes from the racing teams' families, vintage photos, and fun facts about the speedway itself.  Like I said, it's an all around excellent cookbook and one I think cookbook collectors would really enjoy. 

From the Publisher:

Ladies and Gentlemen, Start Your Ovens! Introducing the First Edition of the official cookbook of Bristol Motor Speedway. The book features race-day delicacies from local restaurants, cherished family recipes, and favorites by many of NASCAR's top drivers. Come celebrate the sport of stock car racing, the fans, and their foods.

Condition: Like New