Smoky Mountain Magic


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Shop Notes:

Wow - what a fantastic Appalachian cookbook.  While the entire book is chock full of delicious recipes,  the chapters on East Tennessee Favorites and Men's Recipes are outstanding.  While it's unlikely that 99% of cooks are going to cure their own country ham or attempt Polk Salad, there are fabulous recipes for Kilt Lettuce, Yams and Apples, Peach Butter, Roly Poly, Fried Pumpkin Blossoms, and Vinegar Pie. This cookbook even takes a definitive side in the great sugar-in-cornbread debate.  What's more, there are simple and concise descriptions of many Appalachian delicacies that one wouldn't find in any other region of the country.  If you have any interest in Appalachian cuisine, you need this book in your library.

From the Publisher:

Perfect for those who enjoy good ole' down-home Southern cookin'! You can find backwoods country fare that has remained unchanged through the years like Polk Greens, Turnip Greens, Hog Jowls, Homemade Sausage Gravy, or Cured Country Ham and Tenderloin.

About the Author:

In 1947, twelve young women met at the home of Mrs. Allen Harris, Sr., in order to organize the Junior Auxiliary. These charter members invited Mrs. Hanes Lancaster, Sr., Mrs. E. Haynes Miller along with Mrs. Harris to serve as their sponsors. From the beginning, the major concern of the Junior Auxiliary was to provide a service to the underprivileged children of Johnson City.  Their primary fundraising vehicles have traditionally been through hosting thrift store and yearly retail events.  They have published two cookbooks, Smoky Mountain Magic (1960) and Treasures of the Smokies (1986).

Release Date: 1960 (1995 reprint)

Condition: Fine, some age discoloration on inside boards that are appropriate for its age.