Small-batch Summer Jams


Class Length: 3 hours

Location: 211 Alumni Ave., Durham NC, near Southpoint

There is simply no better way to enjoy North Carolina's wide and wonderful selection of local fruits than through a luscious swipe of fruity jam on a hot buttered biscuit.  In our Small-batch Summer Jam class, we will be celebrating the sweetness of summer by turning seasonal fruits into sumptuous jars of European-style jams.

Our May class will focus on a classic - strawberry jam.  Our June and July classes could include blueberry, blackberry, or peach flavors, depending on fruit availability and quality leading up to the class dates.

In this class, participants will learn:

  • The differences between American and European-style jams.
  • The importance of each ingredient in making small-batch jams.
  • How to pick the best local and seasonal fruits for jam.
  • Formulas and tricks for making your own signature jams at home.
  • Procedures for safely canning jams for enjoyment throughout the year.
  • Ideas for using jams in your own cooking and desserts.

This is a hands-on class for beginners and folks who already have experience with popular canning and store-bought kits.  Each participant will be able to take home at least two jars of their own jam for later enjoyment.  Coffee, tea, and jammy snacks will be provided while we wait for our jars to cool.

Allergen information: While not used in this class. certain sensitive ingredients are stored and prepared in our kitchen.  These include Flour (wheat), eggs, dairy (cow's milk, cow, or goat cheese), peanuts, and tree nuts.  Some prepared foods served during class may also contain these ingredients. 

Important notes:   Please note that cooking classes are nonrefundable and nontransferable to another date.  If you cannot attend a class after purchase you may gift your ticket to another person.  Be sure to specify ahead of time if you have any additional dietary restrictions.  All recipes for this class will be vegetarian and most can be made vegan.