Sinkin Spells, Hot Flashes, Fits and Cravings


From the Publisher:

The second collection of Earnest Matthew Mickler's folk tales and recipes that were first made famous in his controversial and popular first book, White Trash Cooking.  The narrative of this book focuses on gatherings held by those who are eating and entertaining on the socioeconomic margins of Southern society in his childhood home of Palm Valley, Florida.

Please note White Trash Cooking II is a re-release of this book, under a new title.

About the Author:

Ernest Matthew Mickler received a master's degree in fine arts from Mills College before embarking on his true mission as a culinary cultural preservationist. Ernie died in 1988 the day after Sinkin Spells was published, but his classic cookbook, and all the stories enshrined within its pages, live on.

Release Date: 1988

Condition: Very Good, some bent pages, marks on inside back cover.