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For those who maybe are beginner pie bakers (or those who believe that 'beginner' is a boastful word), this book is for you.  If you're looking for something creative and educational to do with your kids, then this book is for you.  I think my favorite part of Warren Brown's ode to pie is that the recipes reflect his desire for clean flavors based on traditional, straightforward methods, which makes this book a fantastic resource for teaching you and your kids how to measure, stir, thicken, pat, pour...and then stare earnestly into the oven while all your hard work becomes golden and delicious.

Mr. Brown's writing tone is friendly, approachable, and encouraging.  Just what any novice pie-maker, or frankly anyone these days, needs when spending some therapy time in the kitchen.

As for the recipes themselves, Brown covers a cross-section of American pie recipes and preparations from all regions.  We are talking lemon meringue, Bourbon Pie (aka, Derby Pie), Sugar pie...and then he's off into other applications like turnovers, galettes, tarts, and savory pies.  Just wonderful. 

From the Publisher:

Baking basics plus inventive recipes for sweet and savory pies, galettes, pastry cremes, tarts, and turnovers!
It was Warren Brown's love of apple pie as a child that sparked his interest in bakingand now, as the founder of CakeLove bakeries, he's delighted countless customers with his pie creations. In this book, he answers baker's questions about making the perfect pie and includes recipes that range from sweet to savory.
Mixing recipes for traditional fillings with fun, unique takesblueberry maple pie, mango and strawberry tart, apple lasagna, shroom-ikopita, chicken potpie, Jamaican beef patties, and much morePieLove also covers piecrusts and cream pies, for a wide range of delicious meal and dessert options.

About the Author:

Warren Brown has a bachelor's degree from Brown University, and a J.D. and master's degree from The George Washington University. After establishing a career in health education and law, he realized his calling was in the kitchen and starting baking. In 2002 he opened his bakery, CakeLove, and LoveCafe followed in 2003.  In 2015, he switched his commercial operations to focus on his new regional brand CakeLove in a Jar. He lives in Washington, D.C.

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