Over The Wall Recipes: Checkered Flag Favorites of the Busch Series Ladies Association


Shop Notes:

I have to admit that my love of racing only extends to one of my favorite movies, Talladega Nights, and that's about it.  But, I do get a little zing of excitement whenever I come across cookbooks written by the ladies' associations that support auto racing.  The older ones are a reminder of the rough-and-tumble history of NASCAR racing in the South and they all remind me that the sport is highly dangerous labor of love.

As to these cookbooks in general, I find them to be more or less products of the time in which they were published, much like many community cookbooks.  True racing fans will likely recognize many of the family names in these recipes; for those who aren't will find the recipe notes very helpful.  But, it doesn't really matter all that much to me - trackside or not, who doesn't want to indulge in a Harvey Wallbanger Cake a Cheesy Corn Bake?  This cookbook is full of winners.

From the Publisher:

he Busch Series Ladies Association (BSLA) was formed at the end of the 1996 racing season by a group of women who felt that they could contribute to the well being of the families of the Busch Series.T

The objective of the BSLA is to promote the general welfare of the wives and families associated with the Busch Series, promote fellowship among the teams, and represent the Series and sport in a beneficial way.

But most of all the BSLA is a group of women who pray everyday that they never have a reason to send a check, because the BSLA financially aids members of the Busch Series who receive a debilitating injury.

Release Date: 2002

Condition: Fine/Like New