One of a Kind (LN)


Shop Notes:

Originally published in 1981 and featuring recipes from the Gulf Coast of Alabama, One of a Kind is a sister publication of another wonderful Junior League cookbook, "Recipe Jubilee."  The recipes reflect the city's regional standing along the Gulf Coast with specific chapters on Seafood and other Southern goodies, sweet and salty.  My favorite recipe is a simple cocktail called "Missionary's Downfall" which is a fine cocktail for a hot, humid summer afternoon when you've got nowhere else to be or do, except maybe fire up the grill. 

From the Publisher:

Few American cities can boast of a history and heritage of over two and a half centuries, as can Mobile, Alabama.  Since the year 1711, when Jean Baptiste le Moyne , Sieur de Bienville, moved the then nine year old settlement known as Mobile from its site at Twenty-Seven Mile Bluff on the Mobile River to its present location on the western shores of Mobile Bay, the people of Mobile have been known nationwide for their civic pride, their hospitality, and their burning desire to improve the industrial, business, and social structure of the city.  As a result of this public effort, one finds that Mobile possesses just about everything required to make the Complete City: gracious old homes, azalea gardens, sporting events, industrial and financial institutions, harbors and rivers, and last but certainly not least, oil and gas wells in the vicinity of the city; just to name a few of its ready assets.

As one views the historical as well as the current events for which Mobile is famous, it is small wonder that the culinary art has played a significant part in the reputation of Alabama's very excellent seaport.

So, whether you are intent on a quick lunch or an elegant meal, the following pages will provide the answer to your problem.  They present the combined knowledge and skill and experience of the young ladies of the Junior League of Mobile who know how to make a good life better.  Of course, the suggestions herein are designed to leave you neither slim nor hungry.  ~ Thomas H. Moorer, Admiral US Navy (Ret.)

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