Nuggets: Recipes Good as Gold


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From the Publisher:

When the nuggets of the world's richest gold camp began tumbling down Pike's Peak from Cripple Creek during the Gay Nineties (the 1890s), the residents of Colorado Springs found themselves smothered in money.  And with money came good food, as many mine owners had spent time enjoying the delights of Paris and New York City.  After which, male cooking clubs formed to upstage each other in their gustatory endeavors. 

Now the Junior League of Colorado Springs have continues with the high standards of the past.  Their cookbook, Nuggets, is tied to the great tradition that began with the discovery of gold at Cripple Creek.  It explores with gusto today's approach to an art that has never ceased to fascinate the people of the Pikes Peak region.

About the Author:

On March 30, 1924, a group of Colorado Springs women concerned about the survival of Nutrition Camp formed the Junior League of Colorado Springs (JLCS). The Nutrition Camp School helped malnourished children in Colorado Springs become healthier, thus fighting off the ravages of tuberculosis. The League sponsored five beds the first year. By 1939, the number of children helped reached 450.

Since that compelling beginning, the JLCS boasts an impressive history of serving the youth and families of Colorado Springs through our volunteer membership. The JLCS has grown and evolved, both as initiator of projects, and as a ready partner to other non-profit organizations to address needs in the community.

Release Date: June 1983

Condition: Good, some wear on cover boards, text and content are clean.  Spine is scratched.