Necessities and Temptations


From the Publisher:

Necessities and Temptations is two cookbooks in one - a collection of wonderful recipes and a handy kitchen reference guide. Contains 600 triple-tested recipes and helpful illustrations, charts, and tips, making the perfect gift for a new bride.

This cookbook was inducted into the McIlhenny Hall of Fame, an award given for book sales that exceed 100,000 copies.

About the Author:

The Junior League of Austin was admitted to the Association of Junior Leagues International, Inc. on February 9, 1934. At the time of acceptance, The Junior League of Austin had 50 active members.  Throughout its history, The Junior League of Austin has demonstrated its commitment to volunteerism and community service and has contributed millions of dollars to programs and agencies that benefit the Austin community. 


In1976, the League's first cookbook, The Collection, was published featuring favorite recipes from The Junior League of Austin membership, with an initial printing of 10,000 copies. Selling out in the first year, it was reprinted in 1977, and profits from sales of the second year completely financed the second run of 15,000 copies. In 1981 and 1982, The Collection was reviewed in Harper'sReader's Digest, and several out-of-state newspapers.

In 1987, The Junior League of Austin celebrated the release of Necessities and Temptations. Touted as one of the best reference cookbooks on the market, it serves as an invaluable kitchen resource and reference guide for beginner cooks and is a favorite of brides to be. In 2001, Necessities and Temptations entered its eleventh printing, winning the McIlhenny Tabasco Community Cookbook Award for selling over 100,000 copies and was inducted into the Tabasco Hall of Fame as a best seller.

In November 2000, The Junior League of Austin introduced its third cookbook, Austin Entertains. Named "The Official Cookbook of the City of Austin," Austin Entertains features a plethora of delectable recipes and is conveniently menu driven to accommodate in-home entertaining.

Release Date: 1987


Condition: Like new