Turkey and the Wolf: Flavor Trippin' in New Orleans


Shop Note: 

Oh my gosh, this cookbook is a wonderland of fun and Mason Hereford's personality just shines from every page.  I think of Turkey and the Wolf as the Andy Warhol-esque version of a cookbook in that Hereford takes many of the foods we think of as "low" (processed, delicious, and ubiquitous), combines them with gourmet ingredients and the modern palate, and then elevates them into a form of irreverent culinary art.      

Now I can't resist putting my childhood cooking secret back into full gear:  a shameless pile of Doritos on every deli sandwich.  Which makes me so happy and my world is better and brighter for it. 

From the Publisher:

NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER A fun, flavorful cookbook with more than 95 recipes and Power-Ups featuring chef Mason Hereford's irreverent take on Southern food, from his awarding-winning New Orleans restaurant Turkey and the Wolf

"Mason and his team are everything the culinary world needs right now. This book is a testimony of living life to the most and being your true self"�Matty Matheson


Mason Hereford grew up in rural Virginia, where his formative meals came at modest country stores and his family's holiday table. After moving to New Orleans and working in fine dining he opened Turkey and the Wolf, which featured his larger-than-life interpretations of down-home dishes and created a nationwide sensation.

In Turkey and the Wolf, Hereford shares lively twists on beloved Southern dishes, like potato chip–loaded fried bologna sandwiches, deviled-egg tostadas with salsa macha, and his mom's burnt tomato casserole. This cookbook is packed with nostalgic and indulgent recipes, original illustrations, and bad-ass photographs.

Filled with recipes designed to get big flavor out of laidback cooking, Turkey and the Wolf is a wild ride through the South, with food so good you're gonna need some brand-new jeans.

Release Date: June 2022

Condition: New