My Mother's Southern Desserts


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From the Publisher:

Following the success of their first book together, A Mothers' Southern Kitchen, Jim and his mother, Martha Pearl, offer 200 recipes for scrumptious Southern treats. There are sweets for any holiday or special event -- Christmas, church suppers, birthdays, weddings, Valentine's Day, bridge luncheons, cocktail parties -- even the Kentucky Derby! The recipes are utterly delightful from their titles to their delectable tastes and textures -- try Boozy Mud Pie, Pistachio Snowballs, Coconut Igloos, Trump Toffee Cookies, Caramel Chewies, Satan Chocolate Pound Cake with Fudge Frosting, Crunchy Peanut Butter Ice Cream, or Blueberry Flummery.

Jim and Martha Pearl have the perfect treat for any occasion. Planning a New Year's Parry? Why not bring Bourbon Cream Mold with Shaved Chocolate? Going to a cookout? Bake a Banana Split Pie. Need a "friend-ship gift"? Give that special someone Aunt Ella's Buttermilk Gingerbread. Whether you're attending a Mother's Day brunch (Sunshine Chiffon Cake with Orange Butter Frosting) or a Thanksgiving dinner (Cajun Sweet Potato Pecan Pie), or visiting a sick relative (Sweet Maa's "Get Well" Baked Custard), you'll find that perfect treat right here. In each of these recipes, Jim and Martha Pearl prove that they sure know how to enjoy dessert down South!

About the Author:

James Villas was born and bred in North Carolina, has 3 university degrees in Romance Languages and Comparative Literature (Fulbright scholar), and taught in 3 universities before changing careers and becoming Food and Wine Editor of Town and Country magazine (1972-1999). He has published 15 cookbooks and 4 literary books on gastronomy, 5 of which have been nominated for or won a prestigious James Beard Award.  He lives in East Hampton, Long Island, where he now devotes most of his time to writing fiction and pursuing his great love of classical music.

Release Date: 1998

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