Mountain Makin's in the Smokies


From the Publisher:

The early settlers in the Great Smokies were, of necessity, a self-sufficient folk. Isolated as they were, they had to grow their own food. Those were the days before super-markets. Cornmeal was a staple item. Molasses was used in cooking and honey for the table.  Each little farm had its corn field, its sorghum patch, and its bee hives. Somewhere along the creek was a small mill where corn was ground into cornmeal.

In this booklet we have brought together some of the old-timey, as well as some of the present-day, ways of using these staples, like cornmeal, molasses, and honey. In addition, a few other recipes are included. All have been used by the donors; many have been handed down from grandmother to mother to daughter.

It is the hope of the editors that you try out these recipes and have fun and good eating while doing so.

Release Date: 1957

Condition: Like New