Justin Wilson's Homegrown Louisiana Cooking


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Classic Justin Wilson.  Ornery and informative.  He specialized in what he knew.

From the Publisher:

Welcome to Louisiana! ; Welcome to Homegrown! Let Justin Wilson introduce you to the bounty of Louisiana and the food of friendship and family. In Justin Wilson's Homegrown Louisiana Cookin' Justin serves up all the recipes from his "Homegrown" television series in addition to hundreds more for:
* Appetizers
* Salads and Dressings Gumbos and Soups
* Sauces and Gravies Rice, Pasta, and Stuffings
* Seafood Poultry and Eggs
* Meats
* Game Vegetables
* Breads
* Desserts Beverages
* Preserves
So, come to Louisiana and enjoy some good cookin' and eatin' --I garontee!

About the Author:

Justin Wilson, who radiated charm, warmth, and the earthy joie de vivre of storied Cajun country, was the host of a syndicated TV cooking show, the world's leading Cajun humorist, and a gourmet chef great in his own right. Always dapper in suspenders and a bow tie, he starred in three acclaimed cooking series that aired on more than 300 PBS stations nationwide. The Cajun comedian produced 27 comedy albums that charmed audiences and, at one point, even outsold Elvis Presley.

Wilson passed away on September 6, 2001, but his spirit lives on through the recipes he shared and the programs he made during his lifetime.

Release Date: 1990

Condition: Good, dust jacket is slightly wrinkled and some light staining/moisture marks on the edge that do not impact the text.  This would be a great cookbook to actually cook from.