Island Born and Bred


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One of the great pieces of North Carolina history and a testament to the power of community cookbooks in documenting the historical, culinary, and cultural artifacts of a particular region at a specific point in time.  Professors at Duke University often use this cookbook in their history classes on North Carolina folklife and the Harkers Island community.  The recipes are fantastic and plentiful, but what endures about Island Born and Bred is that it forms an intimate portrait of a steadfast people, intermixing the voices of current and past residents along with the flavors of classic Southern coastal cuisine.

From the Publisher:

What we have compiled here is not, and was never meant to be, a historical document.  The information we have comes mostly from the memories of those who actually witnessed the events and changes described, along with "bits-and-pieces" of newspaper clippings, tapes, church minutes, photographs, letters, etc. 

As you will realize, the recipes we have collected represent many different kinds of cooking.  The point to be made here is that this blend of styles of cooking accurately reflects the changes in the Harkers Island lifestyle.  We are no longer dependent on the water for our food, even though fresh seafood remains our favorite- but we have grown accustomed to a wide-variety of menus  Don't despair...the "Harkers Island Specials" are here, along with lots of good Southern recipes, and a mixture of others.  These are our favorites - so read, cook, eat, and enjoy.

Release Date: 1987 (1991 Printing)

Condition: Very good, book is like new with no stains, splatters or other signs of wear.  Pages are bright Inside page is inscribed with a gift note.