Gracious Goodness: A Peach of a Cookbook


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The Gracious Goodness: A Peach of a Cookbook by the Junior League of Macon Georgia is everything you want from a classic Southern Junior League cookbook -  easy and fast Southern recipes for all occasions.  Think cocktails with Candied Bacon (with a little mustard for a little mysterious kick), Sausage Pinwheels, and Spinach Balls.  Not to mention an entire chapter with recipes for classic Southern cocktails like Milk Punch, multiple recipes for Sangria, and a Pineapple Wine Float that we all need during hot summer afternoons. 

This book contains extensive chapters on holiday cooking (Beef Wellington!), entrees, desserts, cookies, and pie.  There are enough veggie recipes to make your own meat-and-3 cafe menu at home. 

From the Publisher:

"In this sweet, gentle air roses bloom in December, vegetables grow in profusion, and our famous Georgia peaches set their buds.  All the Middle Georgians saved the delights of that first dish of fresh peach ice cream or the season's first stream bowl of peach cobbler crisscrossed with a flaky crust.  Mmmmmm-mmm-mmm-gracious goodness!"


Condition: Used: Good, scratches on cover and math doodle on front page.