Four Great Southern Cooks


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Shop Notes:

When I found this book, I was a little confused and conflicted as to the purpose of it.  Does this fit into the "Lost Cause" canon that was so prevalent in the South?  Is it intended to be a tribute to the black men and women who served Southern households as cooks and domestic workers?  In the end, I think it's best to read it as is it presented - four biographies of folks who excelled in their culinary craft, serving up traditional fare that was both passed down through the generations and reflected their own tastes and improvements.  This book should be read as a celebration of tremendous talent and hard work - and it's a great cookbook to boot.

From the Publisher:

Four old-time professional cooks share their recipes with you.

Release Date: 1980

Condition: Vintage, Excellent. Light wear on cover. Pages are clean and free of marking or stains.