Food to Die For a book of funeral food, tips and tales


Shop Notes:

Not just a cookbook, but a guide into the comfort foods and peculiar beliefs and traditions of the Southern funeral tradition.  This is a fun fundraising cookbook for a historical cemetery.

From the Publisher:

How often have you been unsure of what to say or do when confronted with the death of a friend, relative, or acquaintance? Food to Die For will help in many ways. Inside you'll find... * Over 100 great recipes for Central Virginia's favorite comfort foods, including Jane's Corn Pudding, Cheese Straws, Mur's Peas, Bookstore Punch, and Sweet Briar Cookies * Lighthearted looks at funeral customs, old and new * Practical advice for writing obituaries and condolence notes You'll also learn... * Useful terminology like "funeral tsar" and "dying order" * How to make a gingerbread house * Why thousands of people each year visit Lynchburg's public cemetery.

The cookbook contains 180 pages of recipes, etiquette, and anecdotes. It is fully indexed and profusely illustrated with black-and-white photographs of the Old City Cemetery. We Food to Die For will be one of the most delightful and entertaining cookbooks you'll ever read! 

Release Date: 2004

Condition: Very Good, slightly bent pages, minor discoloration near tops of pages.