Dumplings 'N More


Shop Notes:

If you've lived in North Carolina at any point, you have probably seen Anne's Old-Fashioned Flat Dumplings in the freezer section of your local supermarket (they are delicious).  This cookbook is both autobiographical and a lovely collection of Southern recipes from Anne herself.

An explanation on "dumplings" might be needed here, though, as some might be confused as to what a "flat dumpling" is.  It's important to understand that chicken ; dumplings have a very wide regional variance across the United States.  Where I live in Central North Carolina, "dumplings" are also called "pastry" two counties over.  Furthermore, up North (where I grew up), dumplings are as often a stiff biscuit dough dropped into a pot of chicken and thickened broth.   Chicken broth laden with flat pasta-like sheets are what we called Chicken Noodles.  At the end of the day, don't worry too much, it's all delicious.  Just take the bowl and thank the cook.

From the Publisher:

Dumplings summon memories of life in an earlier America and so it is with this cookbook. Fans of flat dumplings will love this author's homegrown wisdom, her nostalgic look back at her Southern childhood.

Condition: Used, Like New, Missing Dust Jacket