Down Home Delicious


From the Publisher:

Beginners to experts get excited about cooking with incredibly flavorful Gulf Coast recipes. Praised by chefs and taste-tested to rave reviews, this private collection of original and favorite recipes satisfies deep down hunger and keeps everyone begging for more. The hospitality hints strengthen relationships and invite romance. Review After spending some time in Louisiana, I have come to the conclusion that Louisiana born cooks have an innate ability to make everything they touch taste delicious. Peggy Sholly is a good example.

Peggy has covered every kind of Louisiana, Tex-Mex, Italian and American food in her cookbook, Down Home Delicious. If you want Beef Hash you can have it, and if you want Deluxe Prime Rib, you can have that too. I don't believe that she has left a single delicious recipe stone unturned! Cornbread dressing, BBQ Baked Beans, and Italian Meatballs, Vintage Mexican Enchiladas…delicious, delicious, delicious. You won't find a better example of the melting pots of Louisiana and Texas than Peggy's wonderful book.

Lagniappe is also included in the book. You know…just a little something extra such as a list of pantry items, canned goods and substitutions as well as some history of foods in the cookbook. It's a wonderful book, try it, and let Peggy know how much you love it. Excuse me now, I'm on my way to devour Grandma's Fig Cookies from Peggy's recipe on page 201.

--Linda Weiss, Food Editor, South Carolina Homes ; Gardens Magazine


Condition: New